Monday, August 10, 2009

just another random + my style post + my third week's plastic model

i figured out that i havent posted anythin about what im wearing lately so heres another update version of it, along with my ultraman's monster action figure, gudon :P

(i wore: secondhand coat, seed's grey cardigan, sisley homme's t-shirt, jay jay's dark blue jeans)

and another update of what i did in my studio last week, i had to experiment with plastic and what kinda technique used to create a plastic model/sculpture, so the weakness in plastic sheet, especially hips and polypropylene is that they can't be scored (coz it'll just snapped off) so what i was doing is that i tried to retain the spiral idea that i had the week before and then create it with the wave technique (lamda in physique ;) ) wit heach wave slightly different than the other and then placed all the strips perpendicular to the initial shape of the spiral generator, thus a new flexible (coz it expands outward when it get squeezed together) plastic spiral sculpture was created :)

(click on the pics for bigger version)


  1. wah seh...ur plastic model
    geng lo

  2. haha i love it too, after this sem im gonna put lght bulb into it and make it into a lamp :D

  3. so creative! geng man~ hen mei =)

  4. where did u get ur second hand coat?

  5. i got this coat frm camberwell secondhand sunday market :)