Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wine tasting at chandon...

i went to the famous chandon vineyard two weeks ago (saturday) for some wine-tasting with friends, michael and oliver... the vineyard is at yarra valley, which is the place where vineyards 'pop' out everywhere u go, literally coz the soil is very rich and suitable for grape planting :)

anyway, back to the topic... i didnt get to take many photos there so i just got the pics frm oliver coz he brought his xlr along (*thus its a bit useless to bring my small unprofessional digicam) but the sad news is that he got drunk pretty quickly in the wine tasting process and only managed to take pics of mine 'modelling' with the dead =.= grape plants behind me lol...

anyway, thanx to michael to drive us around and oliver for taking great pictures of myself, u guys are the best! :D and the small trip was really fun, love it!

ohh and i ended up buying a shiraz for my dad :) coz its just tasted sooo great!!


  1. i so wanna visit the yarra valley to sample some of that wine!
    did you end up getting drunk like your friend oliver?

  2. haha no... :) im the king of wines lolx thanx to my dad who trained me since young... did i mention underage?! :P