Wednesday, August 5, 2009

exhibition at building 45 and more sculpture...

i went to building 45 of my uni with aziza, which is situated at lygon street at saturday before last week to have a look at the exhibition before its being torn down the next day...and on our way there i 'suddenly' look up at the sky (not to mention i constantly stare up the sky when i walk lolx) and saw somethin very interesting! its some kinda advertisement (using the gas released by the plane to form words)

i was quite intrigued by the way the exhibition that was being put up at section, its done by pia ednie brown (if im not mistaken) by using huge amount of cotton! (yea its pretty environmentally unfriendly but its soft and white all over the place) i was like a kid getting into the dreamy fantasy land... the exhibition done by pia was bout examining the possibility of human dna and biological stuffs that affect both human appearance and the way they live in the future...

and i managed to get a pic from my friend aziza coz she went to the exhibition the next day to help on taking down the stuffs... and when all the cotton is merged, it formed a giant snowball! fascinating! ;D

then back to studio works, we did all the sculptures in the workshop (in the first sculpture) trying to examine the waste taken out to make the model in which itself can form a space within itself too (the negative and positive of a space, *think void and mass)

but in between the sculpture making time, we tried to have fun along the way lolx...

while in the second sculpture we were tying to think make a spiral sculpture that is very adaptable (coz it expand and shrink!) by creating space in between those dna-like vertical sculpture
(click on the pics for bigger version)


  1. a bit too technical for me to try and digest first thing in the morning lol
    but hey, that "ad in the sky" is pretty awsome! especially against that blue sky!
    we don't get many blue-sky days here so i couldn't see it working over here...

  2. haha just look at it at nite then lolx :D... ohh yea i suppose in hk is overly polluted coz according to one of the lecturers last time she said that all the high rise are built at coastal area which block out the wind that is suppose to blow away those 'stale' air frm central and inner part of the city (which is populated with 'not-so-tall' and old buildings