Sunday, June 21, 2009

walking around the city...

i had my portfolio handed in on monday and i went walking around the city on tuesday as a mean to release all the stress by taking photos whenever and wherever i dropped by... i discovered some alleyways with great and unique characteristics as well as underground alley with art pieces placed on both sides... looking at art pieces make my day :D

ohh and theres salvador dali's exhibition goin on in national art gallery but i didnt go in coz i was thinking of grabbing few friends with me to go as its better to discuss art than to view it alone.. so i'll probably drop by next week, so see ya next week, sexy lip (refer to one of the art piece by dali)

and that was what i wore that day, sort of artsy in a way lol: white beanie frm rusty, vintage coat, oversized t-shirt frm hanes, light blue acid-washed extreme skinny jeans frm levi's, vintage leather shoes

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