Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mornington roadtrip part 1...

went to mornington last wednesday with my friends... there were 10 of us so we rented 2 cars frm hertz and heading south! :D.... we made our first drop at a glass workshop in mornington... its famous locally and those glass scultures are very expensive and looked fragile so we just drop by for a while to prevent any unnessary accidents (breaking the glass and stuffs) from happening lol...

(click on the pic for bigger version)

then the next stop was willow creek vineyard... so we took some pics with the vineyard (its spectacular!) before heading in and tasted some wines... wine tasting cost $2 and we got to taste quite a few type of wines.... but they werent impressive at all.. i still prefer the wines frm yarra valley... its the best

then we head off to a choco workshop but i didnt tried the choco coz lack of appetite after tasting so much wine before that.. and check out my vid that i seemed to melt on the couch in that choco workshop when my friends are busy purchasing choco... coz ive got nothing else to do haha...

then headed to another vineyard called redhill, just took pics over ther and left coz few of us were already tipsy and had slight headache after the first wine-tasting session haha

P/S: more pics to come on the second part of the roadtrip :D

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