Thursday, June 25, 2009

mornington roadtrip part 2...

the nex stop was the lavender farm + maze... it was really beautiful... anyone who wanted to get hitched can come here and have their photos taken coz the surrounding is very dreamy and fairy tales like.... ~.~

even modelling shots like mine lolx (trying to b model for some kinda french fragrance ad... always in the woods and looking back.... lol :P )

ohh..i was on the hilly area (the pic below) and when i tried to run down frm there it got all too slippery and i fell on my ass with mud on my jeans that it looked like i was shitting my pant haha!!.. so clumsy... i cant remember my last fell sp it was feeling fun when i fell and even laugh at myself!! :D haha

then we headed off to a secluded beach to watch the sunset.... it was really my first time watching the sun slowly sank into the horizon.... beauuuuutifullll!!!! for a moment i feel like i own the world.. one funny thing is that one of my friend, yee peng got her feet soaked in the cold seawater coz wasnt able to run when the wave hit the shore... lolx XD

then we went to a local restaurant for dinner and that night was steak special night so i ordered the steak... its really really delicious... so u think im probably boasting bout everything in mornington being great and doesnt have a flaw... in fact it is!

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