Friday, June 26, 2009

the everyday-ness...

ive just realized that i havent really posted up my everyday life lately, which involve preparing food and fashion to share... so here it goes bout real my everyday life (when i say 'real' here, it means that my previous lifestyle during the semester wasnt really the lifestyle that i live, its altered to suit my uni classes and design works)

ive learnt to prepare some new meals lately... i would say its try-and-success attempt :D... the eggplant and the chilli beef (*those dishes are very asian yes :D )

(click for bigger version)

and here it goes again what i wore: vintage glass frm retrostar, scarf frm fcuk, black trenchcoat frm essential man, red lip pin frm salvador dali's art foundation, grey acid washed jean frm jay jays, and vintage leather shoes

(click for bigger version)

ohh yea... and im trying to explore and create animation based on still pictures (using myself as a test version of course lol) but it cant b shown here so i just show em in film strips instead haha... if ure interested to c it u can use photoshop to chop off the film strips to seperate those pics and then save them seperately in jpeg but within a folder, after that open one of the pic to view and press next continuously and u'll b able to c my eyes are rolling but my face stays the same :D (i know its dumb but its fun and it keeps me laughin for few seconds haha)

P/S : ive seen the news of MJ, its a sad day today, R. I. P. and his music will live forever, especially 'heal the world' coz ive just sang it in karaoke with my friends yesterday night! what a creepy coincidence *.*


  1. That food looks delicious! U seem to be a good cook hehe

    Btw like your blog, keep up the good job!

  2. thanx man! thanx for dropping by :D will try to keep up :)