Saturday, June 20, 2009

y. ling's farewell... but not soo

went out last week to celebrate y. ling's farewell, but not really coz shes gonna come back melb again for the nex semester after her one month holiday back home in malaysia lolx... anyway we went to this italian restaurant at lygon st (forgot the name but its a corner lot facing sportsgirl retail)....

(click on the pics for bigger version)

had a blast ther but when the bill came it was seriously over-charged... just two bottles of tap water were like 20 fuckin dollars and a few toasted bread was like 20 to 30 ++ dollars too =.=.... its been blacklisted now.. at least on my list


  1. sounds really expensive.
    last time went barcelona the smaller than the usual small bottle of mineral water in a restaurant costed about 6euros.
    miss every food n drink in malaysia.
    cheap n nice><

  2. no.. this one was just being ridiculous... coz normal restaurant here dont charge the money for tap water