Sunday, May 24, 2009

what im doin when im stress??

so im just gonna show u another art piece... or should i say photo montage that ive made just now when i was too stress out (doing assignments of course) and started photo-montaging my photos (again i know, im so self-addicted -.- but my pics are the closest sources that i can get frm my laptop so... yea lolx)... and the result comes out nicely, i think i got inspired by the dark shades from newspaper or those constructivism and modernism artsy mag back in the day i wasnt even borned yet lol

(click on the pic for bigger version)

what i wore: no brand brown beanie, ralph lauren's dark green velvet shirt, levi's acid washed light blue extreme skinny jeans and some other bling bling (repeated circular necklace, golden rockin' chair necklace, cross shaped ring)


  1. Wow, this look kind of reminds me of something Jared Leto would wear. His style is amazing, so great on that. It's hard for most men to wear extreme skinny jeans, but it fits well on you. I'm kind of obsessed with them at the momment. I might have to trade them in for shorts sometime soon since the weather here in NY is just getting insane and it's not even summer yet. :/

  2. Oooh, the skinny Levi's! And loving the Ralph Lauren shirt, I wish I could see the green colour more properly though.

  3. to homme times,
    haha i wish im jared leto thought ny should b in summer now as its sort of winter here in melb now (southern hemisphere)

    to ca,
    yeah... love the levis and its in sale so i bought it :D.. bout the ralph lauren shirt it cant b shown much in pic as its velvet, which is hard to catch on light frm cam flash =.=

  4. acid washed is it! bring that beat back!