Friday, May 22, 2009

my faux burberry...

its getting colder and colder in melb so its time to change my style of dressing and getting some new winter clothings to keep me warm and goin... i always dream of getting a trench coat but the reality always put me into a stop as the price for a trench coat is just too expensive.... but my hardworks (*sort of... but in this context, its applicable to digging cheap stuffs lol) finally pays off as i found a new trench coat for a really cheap price and its an investment for more autumns and winters to come.... most importantly, it looks like burberry's lol and today is my first day wearing it to lecture (not to mention ive just bought it yesterday lolx) :D

what i wore: black trench coat (essential man), scarf (french connection), grey acid wash jeans (jay jays)

ohh and i came out with another piece of art work from photo-montaging my pics... sort of inspired by clashes of forces resulted in repetitive and fragments of undefined forms.....

(click on the pic for bigger version)


  1. Great trenchcoat, so classic. I have one in camel I wear all the time and I completely understand the price issue. Which is why I was so happy to find mine cheaper secondhand! Till the day we have the funds for a real Burberry!

  2. haha yes~ will wear this all the while till i get myself a real burberry in the future :D