Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the shrine of remembrance tour...

went for a visit at the anzac shrine last saturday with my design studio's groupies to get some inspiration from the surrounding buildings (the shrine) to our group's proposed site.. pics to follow :D

the walkway leading to the shrine is very grand with huge xmas trees planted on both sides, breath-taking

we got in the building from the side entrance, which is totally different from the classical form of the main building, its very contemporary modern kinda side entrance with pink stone, but at the same time complimenting and paying respect to the main building...

then the interior is back to classical kinda feeling, with a sense of sadness and respect as the monument is erected to pay tribute to soldiers who fight in the wars...

then theres this open courtyard which is embedded and as a part of the building but allow a view to the main building itself, i think it sort of serving as a constant reminder to viewer about the function of the building (remembering the soldiers who sacrificed for better future)

the atrium of the main building is the climax of the tour, it has an opening above with light shines into the central space, creating a holystic feeling to it, its sort of like a monument related to religion but the religion in this context is war itself, so remembrance of war will be the new religion to reunite nation in this new century i think

the view frm the main entrance out to the city...

i went to the top of the main building and took some view shots of the city as well as the highest point of the main building

and then some shots taken with my group, kate, clare, and maggie when walking around king's domain


  1. xmas trees?...i thought they r decorated with lights those kinda things along the walkway...

    nice montages~

  2. haha no... i mean the species of the tree... erm.. pine trees? yea i think lol