Thursday, May 28, 2009

studio's progression...

the blog has been lacked in update for a while as i was busy the entire week and slept at 4am and 5am for almost everyday =.=... duh... scrap that lolx... and just gonna post up what kept me busy this week... below is the studio design work that im currently working in group of 7 and im the one in charge of designing the front facade, entrance, plaza, steps at the side leading to sidney myer's music bowl and the coffee shop (the mini building besides the main building) of the library asylum..

and testing the materials on the plaza...

(click on pictures for bigger version)

P/S: these are not the final result coz havent fully rendered them in vray... so stay tune :D


  1. Good luck with your finals! One more week to go for me and then it's holiday, much needed break!

  2. absolutely... my freaking energy is running extremely low now =.=

  3. hurry up and render in vray!

  4. yes... ive got the things rendered and will post em up shortly after coz my final presentation was just over yesterday :D