Sunday, May 31, 2009

doodling zetton seijin (ゼットン星人)

i went to group discussion today of my design studio, which started at 11am and ended at around 6pm so there were times when i was sort of board and started doodling on subway sandwiches' tissue.... and the result is zetton seijin (ゼットン星人), aka the famous monster in ultraman series.... lolx.. why? coz im a huge fan of ultraman's monsters and i collect them as well as alien versus predator's action figures :D

the original version is here...

(image taken from:

and my doodling as below....

P/S: the power of bubble economic era of jap art (when ultraman's born and anythin associated with gigantic and huge stuffs, including building, ie. edo-tokyo museum) is back! i can sort of smell and sense it :P


  1. Hihi, I loved The Power Ranges as a kid!

  2. haha me too... i used to love power rangers too :D but i not as much as i love ultraman :P