Tuesday, April 14, 2009

torquay/geelong trip part 1

i went to torquay to surf (*yay! get to surf again!) the next day (saturday) after the bike trip (yea pretty extreme ehh... without even have time to rest lolx.... so i woke up at 5am and met up with my friends at southern cross station and took train to geelong. then i dropped off my luggage at my friend, ping's house before boarding another bus to torquay (*coz my friends were not up for surfing, they decided to go to maze at ocean grove instead, so i had to board bus alone to torquay's bell beach to surf)... ohh yeah bell beach is one of the greatest surf beach in the world and world rank competition is held there, and kelly slater is in that competition as well!!

the water was freezing cold that day as it was gloomy all day... so i freeze myself to death in the water surfing all day =,= but it was cool coz i managed to ride some good wave (*too bad coz theres no one around to take the pic of me riding the wave :P).. i grabbed a hawaiian pizza frm the nearby restaurant after i surf and headed right back to the beach to watch the sunset while eating my hawaiian pizza..... thats very ~aloha!

heading back to geelong, we played snooker a bit b4 heading out to geelong's beachfront for some rest and picture-taking actions :D... it was a freezing nite, thus i was freezing for the entire day!! im sorf of scared of winter now lolx =.=


  1. the picture with ur legs...is tat ur slippers?
    looks special~~

  2. haha yea! everyone loves it even one of the passenger boarding the same bus with me when i was goin torquay to surf :D