Wednesday, April 15, 2009

torquay/geelong trip part 2...

so the nex day, which was sunday, i headed down to torquay again =,= lolx but this time was differeny, it was with my friends and the weather turned out soooo nice and warm in the afternoon (when i wasnt gonna surf... duhh... not fair!!!!) so went around the nature reserve of toquay and took some pics before heading on to beach....

ohh yea... two incidents happened =,= .... i asked the person in charged at the geelong station the time for last bus back to geelong from torquay on sunday, he told me it was gonna b at 6.30pm in fact the buss went off wayyyyy before the schedule... leaving us behind waiting for like 45 minutes at the bus stop at the corner of bell street and munday street in torquay, luckily ping called her friends to come and pick us up (*phew~) but it'll still b okay tho if we were gonna take cab back to geelong coz lj called the taxi company and the estimated price for a maxxie cab frm torquay to geelong is around $75 and there were 7 of us... but thanx alot to ping's friends for the help, really appreciate it :D...

the second incident was when we managed to buy the train ticket back to melbourne frm geelong but the train had been cancelled (*its like what the fuck was goin on with our luck?! well i dont know) but at least the company provided another alternative transport back to melbourne, which is bus =,= (*means have to take longer than it should b to reach melbourne) ... anyway, glad that im still 'alive' and be able to reach home lol


  1. syok-nya...jalan sini jalan sana....
    i miss that life

  2. haha thats why u need to get ur ass back here asap :D

  3. Haha, bad luck huh?

    And wow the photos, the atmosphere is just lovely!