Monday, April 13, 2009

bike trip...

i was too exhauted after comin back frm vacation yesterday nite so i didnt manage to post up the previous activities that ive done before goin for vacation... so here it goes like this...

my friend decided to cancel the deep sea fishin trip (*phew! coz i cant b bothered sitting on boat for hours in the middle of the sea, just dont have that sort of patience) and change it to cycling trip to st kilda on friday.... the weather was really good that day and so we went the bikes at fed square and started cycling along st kilda road

coz we just rented the bikes for 3 hours, thus we only manage to have a short break at st kilda beach for lunch and then had to head back to fed square to return the bikes.... and the gear of one of my friend's (sherman) bike snapped off and few people had to accompany him to walk back to fed square coz the tram wouldnt allow him to take the bike on board... duh~... but overall its a great trip, filled with fun and exercises

then we walk around the city for a bit before heading to chinatown for dinner (*in a crazy spicy szechuan restaurant).. the food was great tho its overly spicy (*the way it should b lol) just check out the pics below for the food.... u can even feel the 'spiciness' even when ure just looking at those pics...

(yes! the bowl was filled with thousands of chillies and chilly oil)

(make sure u click on the pic above for bigger version of us having tears, sweat, and swollen lips after the dinner lolx)

P/S: next update will b about my trip on saturday and sunday :D


  1. Haha, biking is lots of fun! I can't wait for warmer weather (like it's in the photos of yours) here in Oslo, Norway. Then I'd wear short shorts and bike all over town!

  2. nooo... :( warmer weather in oslo means colder weather in melbourne.. i wouldnt want that to happen :P

  3. Hah, that's true. Strange how we live on opposite sides of the world!