Friday, April 10, 2009

studio crits...

a lil bit update for my studio crits this teesday, so was fascinated by the corridor surrounding the perimeter of the existing asylum, based on the generated view frm the central courtyard of the building.... the corridor served as a subtle connective device that is used to communicate interior and exterior spaces as well as public and private spaces... then from my research, mainly on the corridors at mental facilities, i found out that these corridors are always long, seems to b endless, resulting in one's lost sense of time and progress in walking (*progress means the mental health progression of the meltally ill, like their ability to be able to do somethin and how do they carry it on), and these kinda corridors are lack of visual stimulus (an object to be focus on in order to relate and locate the distance of progression)

so i tried to strip the idea of corridor to its simplest form (a connectivity device, transitional space, linkage) and add in elements specifically for asylum design (those considerations) and then reapply and reintroduce it back to the existing asylum layout. so i managed to place this mimicry element in between the temporary housing for mentally ill, in which at the same time seperated with sliding door (*coz frm the radings that ive done, alot of mentally ill tend to 'slide' on wall when they're walking, so i created this 'sliding' wall in the middle to let them slide on somethin that they can hold on)... also, the sliding walls seperated two sides and created dimer environment on either one side during the day, are favoured by mentally ill (*the mentally ill likes to accumulate at the dimmer space according to my research)

(click on the pics for bigger view)

nonetheless, the walls that are placed perpendicularly to the building layout will create alot of personal spaces for meltally ill to 'mark' their territories

ok thats it.... thats all what im gonna say before it gets too wordy and boring :P... i'm gonna upload the pics frm my bike trips in my nex post, which will probably b on monday i guess as i'll b away in this these two days for vacation (*means more updates! yeah!)

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