Thursday, April 9, 2009

kazunari sakamoto's exhibition

i went to fed square with some coursemates to checked out the exhibition of kazunari sakamoto held by rmit, in fed square just now (*yes just now, and now im in the lab of uni updating and uploading this blog) coz its part of the study that i have to attend for the asian urbanism subject that im taking this semester.... but i would love to check out exhibition like this even tho it doesnt relate to my study....

the reason that the images were enlarged to a huge size is to lead the viewers into the building, creating a first person point of view thru the reduction of scale to human size... it does really help and suddenly somethin crossed my mind :P...

yes!... those pics are really suitable for real-live montage... haha!.. and it seems like ive been to all of his houses in japan already :P

pic below is what i wear today :D... topman's cardigan, vintage polo, padini's short, vintage bag

P/S: thanx jammie for taking those 'montagy' photos of mine :D, great skill! and i'll update the crits from studio that i had on tuesday sooner :) so..... stay tune!

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  1. Haha, aren't you a genius pulling off those poses in front of the work.

    Love the bright blue cardigan by the way, so fresh!