Wednesday, April 1, 2009

studio's conceptual model crits...

ok, here is goes on the update on my studio crit this week, this week's work is to come out with a conceptual model, both 2d and 3d... so i was inspired by the article called 'when we become nothin' that my lecturer mailed me last week, its about the life of mental illness people and the author (kyla mckarlane) was talking about 'alienation of space & selfhood are intertwined', 'celebration with absence of fear within mentally ill people versus the fear that is inflicted onto viewers when they see the photos of the mentally ill people who are celebrating', and 'the space with heavy narrative possibility but with the absence of human being on that space' then it got me thinking 'what if i take off certain seemingly subtle and forgotten part of the building and start stripping off the elements on it, minimalize it to its most basic form'.... and questions arised 'will it still b forgotten after that?', 'will it then served as a new catalyst?', and 'are these elements important after all?'

i started to investigate the seemingly unsignificant area that is always ther, existed but forgotten, from the courtyard of the asylum. the courtyard is served as a catalyst to the asylum and thus everythin emerges frm ther, including the viewpoints.... then i found out that the wall in between two gates at the admin building is always existed by somehow being forgotten and overshadowed by the surrounding dead trees and the hall situated in the middle of the courtyard. i started to strip down the elements on the wall, such as windows, doors, decorative elements and introducing a series perpendicularly placed extruded cuboids that penetrate the wall.

the cuboids are proposed temporary housings for mentally ill people which at the same time showed my intention of creating an ambiguous space that seems inside and out.... these penetrating rods are arranged througout the peremeter of the wall with planting space created in between the space of rods for the people to have their own spaces for activities that they're interested in and these spaces generate a sense of ownership for the individuals. corridoors and admin boxes are placed perpendicularly within the central core of the rods, cutting thru the rods for easier access of the staffs. and the residents that require more medical attention will b placed facing the courtyard (inside) while the residents that are in recovery stage and are preparing to leave for reality are placed facing the 'real' world (outside)

the hall at the central core of the courtyard is demolished and a watchtower is proposed on that site as it posesses the best viewing points throughout the building and at the same time create a sense of ambiguity about the watchtower is watching over the poeple or is it the one being watched at by the people?... it definately got me thinking :D

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