Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new haircut for me...

so ive finished my scary crits yesterday (yes there were two.... asian urbanism and design studio *i'll update the nex blog entry with my studio works)... so i wanna treat myself a haircut for being such a hardworking bee (or ant or whatever that can b related to 'hardworking') throughout the week... but a haircut comes with a lil luxury price, but its quite worth it as i get well treated by the staffs and the hairdresser, takeshi (yes! jap stylist = haircut will not go wrong)... everythin went well and the hairstyle was good too :)

ohh and im just gonna brief bout what i wore since its been a long time since i last talk bout my outfits :) i wore zara's graffiti tee (inside), skinx's see-thru tee (outside), padini 'sgrey cardigan, and effekt's short jeans


  1. the hairstyle is nice...but mayb tat makes ur face looks a bit big or chubby from front><
    i need to get new haircut this easter~~

  2. i like chubby look lolx.... :D... ohh cool, don forget to show it k? after ur haircut :)

  3. Love the new hair, you look great with a short cut! I had that short hair a long time ago, looked strange... haha. So I'm dependent on my semi-long fringe. Messy sometimes but yeah, no time to care!