Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[RE]-flatting superflat...

i chose the famous artist, takashi murakami to study on and re-use his works in creating a new art piece that subverts the concept of 'madness'. so i chose the some of his works (pics below)

Sources taken from Takashi Murakami

and started to play and overlay onto one another, resulted in the art piece below (* i am so damn proud of the outcome!)

Click on the pic of my montage!

the idea of this piece of art is as follow:

"Multiple layers of repetitive elements or superflat comical arts were overlaid on top of one another with the intentions of boosting visual climax in a repetitive 2D form as well as scooping the viewers into the world of fantasy or illusive environment where the viewers can role-play themselves as the characters in the art. By triggering ‘madness’ within a sane human being, it allows the person to be able to connect to another fantasy world that is existing with a sense of imagination within oneself. The superflat art enables the viewers to channel their frustration, anger or trauma, dealing with reality through engagement with cathartic yet artificial world of comic. This form of virtual asylum is existed and extremely helpful due to the ever increasing needs of modern people to escape from reality to search for the paradise within them, especially facing with stress and be able to recover from the issues in a significant speed through performing virtual activities freely and be satisfied with that because the tasks in this seemingly perfect virtual world are in fact impossible to be done in reality."

(*p/s: tho i didnt present about this work due to shortage of time in the studio just now, but the lecturer has indeed helped me in relating this project back to the project that i was doing about the aradale asylum in ararat by pointing out that the LV's monogram for example, can b stripped down to its most simple form and be placed at the background of the art piece by mutiple and overlaying techniques, which is similar to what i was trying to do in the conceptual model for aradale asylum this week :D


  1. i didnt know u so tallented

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