Monday, March 30, 2009

just another sushi day!

went to twins place for potluck yesterday nite and it was a sushi nite + tv party + dance sort of nite for us as yin ling, lj and rachel were goin as well....

the nite was pretty great as there were japanese mashed potato, sushi, tempura and dissolved-seaweed miso soup (*thanx to rachel for not looking at the fire according to lj lolx)... the food was great and we watched 'australia's so u think u can dance'... and then the conversation lead to one after another and lj said that she had been to this free salsa class and i asked her to show some move! lol and that leads to some sort of ancient mayan ethnic dance (those dancing move that u can c in the cannibal movies lolx!)

the nite was great but ended too soon... but im pretty sure theres way more to come as the easter holiday is comin! yeeha~


  1. yes! my frens are great chef when it comes to japanese food