Sunday, April 26, 2009

thai food + salsa + party

last friday nite was indeed a nite to dedicate to relaxation and fun as the mid sem presentation was over and i need some form of celebration to de-stress as well as preparing myself to face the other half of the semester :D

so i went to lygon for thai food with yling, max and yatt, the green curry was sucked as it tasted like sour plum (*ewww, i hate sour plum the most!) and it was not ying thai coz ying thai was packed with crowds so we decided to go the the other thai restaurant beside ying thai....forgot the name tho...

anyway, then i followed yling and met up with lj to take tram to copacabana at smith street as it was salsa competition nite and lj's been learning salsa all these while and she was asking if we wanna follow her to watch the competition, so we agreed... it was cool~ coz besides the competition, there were some performances as well, like capoiera, latin hip hop dance, brazilian carnival dance (*the one with gigantic hair decoration)...

then i took tram back to flinders and went to platform 1 for partying as brent worked ther and ive got free entrance and drinks too :) thanx brent, but the nite was freaking boring! coz i went without my friends and brent had to work at the bar so i was sitting ther alone =,= duhh... im never gonna go to party alone next time

(P/S: sorry for the pixelated pics taken in copacabana coz didnt bring the cam along that nite =.=)

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