Thursday, April 23, 2009

mid sem presentation...

ive been crazily stressed out this entire week up until tuesday nite (which was the mid sem presentation) and thats the reason why i havent been able to update my blog, so here a quick view on my presentation boards as well as some of my sketches, not gonna explain much, coz its written on the 'concept' board

(*click on pics and sketches for bigger version)

ohh, the watchtower which served as the visual stimulus for the corridors as well as the new catalyst of the site has had another function as well, which is a chapel, coz the mentally ill people will not feel comfortable being watched over by the attendants at a normal watchtower but if its a chapel it'll b a totally different story as they'll feel more secured, calm and safe being watched over by 'god', so below's the view frm the chapel/watchtower towards the existing admin building...

while the pic below's the view frm one of the corridors looking towards the chapel/watchtower, with the watchtower served as the visual stimulus for the mentally ill people to differenciate the distance and time that they spent while walking in the long corridor without losing the sense of distance and time that further hallucinate their thinking...

ohh and heres the quick updates about things ive bought during the week, ralph laurent dark green velvet long sleeve shirt (coz its mid year sale! i cant just miss out this precious opportunity can i?! lolx)

and ive being overly obsessed with surfing lately that ive bought all very cheap but new and quality stuffs from ebay, like the totally new quicksilver wetsuit and a surfboard (havent reached, so lets cross fingers and be patience)

ohh yeah, ive won the bid for an electric scooter too for a jumping price but im not sure if its fast enough for me, firstly, it takes up pretty much space in my room, and secondly ,coz when i first tried it just now after collecting frm seller at elsternwick, it's slower than walking =.= , and now im just charging it and c if it works well enough for my nex attempt to ride, if not then i'll resell it in ebay (of course in higher price :P ) and earn that money for maybe a cheaper secondhand bike (*coz my manual scooter is sort of unsafe to ride now as one of the screws came off)


  1. Aah, Ralp Lauren. Loving the shirt and velvet is such a luxurious feeling fabric.