Sunday, April 26, 2009

site visit x2

after the mid sem presentation, my lecturer told us that we're goin to ditch the ararat site and design on a totally green field site in the cbd and its king's domain, so i went to meetup with my groupies at ngv (national gallery of victoria) on saturday afternoon and started on exploring the site (which is across the road frm ngv)..

managed to take pics of my groupies... craig, jaqui, clare, simon and maggie :)

took some pics here and there for site analysis and i was given the job to take pics on more detail objects and things at the site and i'd needed to get my ass back ther at nite to take some nite scenes as well =.= so i dragged lj along with me coz i dont wanna go alone at nite as its deserted hahaa...ohh and yesterday nite was totally freezing! after i finished taking the pics, we even went to lygon street's il dolce freddo for gelato with other course juniors!! ice cream for chilly nite is totally extreme!

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