Thursday, March 26, 2009

3d representation model of impressions (part 2)

yes... 3d representation model....its very much similar to the 2d's idea but just getting a more thorough look and discovery about my 2d idea last week.... so i created this sort of formal stair and cake like sculpture as my representation model (pic below)

i found out that i sort of getting the feeling of the unrest and calmness and other feelings through the placement of void and mass of the asylum. so i tried to extract the idea of void and mass and try to visualize and realize it thru sculpture-making.... and the reason that i slice the sculpture off is to further bring the viewer into experiencing the sculpture itself from the first person point of view in which by looking at the object from within the object, rather than the normal sculpture viewing from afar that doesnt show much interaction between the viewers and the sculpture itself.

so, by looking out from the central core, viewer will get a mix sense of relief (feeling that the object seems to open up from the viewpoint ) and unrest (repetitive of extruded triangulars pointed towards the central core, resulting in a sense of insecurity and the feeling of being constantly observed by outsiders)

the question of ambiguity arises from here at the same time, which 'is that the unrest is arising within the calmness of the asylum or it is the calmness of the asylum itself that is creating the feeling of unrest?'

i tried to represent the feeling of pressure and forces work within the asylum in which the central courtyard of the asylum seemed like a release point for the pressure and forces to channel to... and the reason that i make the sculpture look like a stair because i want to show that the asylum itself seems like a place that help the mentally ill people to get thru with their lives but once they get better, the time for them to cope with the real society become more vivid and harder (as represented with the steps that gettin steeper when gettin higher)... many of them who tried to fit into the harsh society will eventually be thrown back to the asylum...

but i think i wasnt trying good enough tho as the lecturer said that what i was trying to tell wasnt representing in the 3d representational model and also i wasnt really telling what i was intended to tel at first place as i was repeatedly mentioning 'ambiguity'... duhhh....i am well off writing about what i wanna tell than to actually 'tell' it lolx...anyway, im still proud of my sculpture :)