Thursday, March 26, 2009

2d representation model of impressions..(part 1)

things that ive done for studio this week was to create a 3d representation model of first impressions that ive felt when i first stepped into the asylum back in ararat last week... it is also the more detail representation of ideas and inner self discoveries after the 2d presentation on site last week thru photography as well as sketches...

so im just gonna talk about the 2d thing first before leading you into the 3d's, just for better understanding of what i was feeling and trying to grab or capture when i was in the asylum...

i chose the photo above to represent my feeling towards the asylum and named it 'zen' coz i was driven by a sense of unrest as well as calmness at the same time... so what i thought i that this sense of 'calmness' environment is purposely created in order to balance up or embrace the overwhelming unrest feeling within the asylum. The wood of the dead tree is embracing and creating shelter to the metal of the steel support beneath just similar to what this asylum was trying to do to the 'inmates' by supporting them and taking care of them. Tho the asylum is fell into disrepaired and unuse now (signifies with the dead tree), the spirits and the golden era of it is very much still alive and can be felt within the compound of the asylum.

and the reason that i capture the photo of the dead tree with its metal support is to maximized the angle of the object (tree) so that i can be read as a main character or monumental within the photo... but the lecturer said it was indeed too overwhelming that ppl tends to pay more attention toward the tilted angle itself than the tree... which i found is quite true :)

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