Saturday, March 14, 2009

1st studio pinup...'madness'

i chose to be in 'seeking asylum' studio this semester to begin my year with loads of 'madness' and 'craziness' :) coz i thought it would b fun as not many chances like this (which is designing an asylum) are given for a designer and also i am always interested in designing a building that helps giving benefits to society :) ok im gona cut the crap here and start talking my pinup...

so i was given the work to design and construct a 3d representation of my concept of 'madness'... to me, madness is something that seems to make life more interesting and exciting (represented in the yellow and green painted circle).... all of us have a certain 'madness' contained within ourselves and its just like a rubberband which seems to get stretched when we are emotionally unstable or triggered but it'll always go back to the normal or calming situation afterwards (which is shown in the white pins gathered area)... but if 'the rubberband' gets over-stretched, it'll just snap off and will never go back to the same 'normal' situation again which signifies one's uncontrollable madness a.k.a. going mad