Wednesday, March 11, 2009

moomba waterfest...

ok i know its been more than a week that i havent updated my blog coz there are alot of things to deal with especially the ever piling homeworks! so now im gonna post up some pics that were taken during the moomba fest (*dont ask why and wheres the name coming frm coz i dont know... as long as its fun and exciting!)... it was taken place along the yarra river side, which is just beside the infamous fed square and it ran for four days (and there were fireworks in all the four nights frm 9.30pm sharp to 9.45pm) make sure u check out the video that i recorded below (*sorry tho as im using digital cam so cant really record it that long so its just the 'not-so-significant' part of the fireworks that was recorded)

and yes! ive bought a light saber frm one of the booths coz it is really bright (*yes im a moth and im attracted to things that shine) and ive been wanted to get a light saber for myself since like i was a kid (*and no im not a fan of star wars, just the light saber itself lol)

and i took the pic above coz frm afar, it seems like the girl was having a date with her panda toy! lolx but actually her bf was huggin her frm the back

and i took the scary ride of the swinging thing, in pic above, (i dont know whats the name of it tho haha) and it was sooo much fun!

and theres this boat which had so many people party in it, i think its a boat for clubbing, now thats interestin :)

we've asked rachel to stand under the sign board saying 'losst children' and started taking photos, it was funny


  1. Aaa, fun! I want it to be summer like NOW, during that time of the year there are more festivals and such around here. Run around and be silly, have lots of ice cream with friends...

    Haha, I love Star Wars! (I know, nerdy)... we should have a light saber duel!

  2. haha! cool, nex time if i go to norway i'll bring along my light saber to have a 'galactic war' with u lolx