Friday, March 20, 2009

ararat field trip part 1

was pretty busy this week so i wasnt having enough time to update my blog here coz was rushing assignments and then packing for the fieldtrip to ararat to visit its local asylums (as the studio that im in this semester is to design an huh :D i absolutely love it)

so ararat is this quiet small town that's situated somewhere further north frm ballarat... its very refreshing to be able to visit the countryside once in a while to get the fresh air and away frm the polluted city (*still i would prefer to stay in the city lol just coz...)

the first asylum that i was visiting is called 'j-ward' and all the violent mentally ill criminals were put there so that u can imagine urself its pretty much the 'craziest' place in victoria last time... its the extention of the bigger asylum that im gona post up in the nex post, so till then, enjoy the pics below :D


  1. Must have been a good trip and lots of inspiration for your assignment!

    Great shots, a few quite haunting and scary though. Asylum, huh?

  2. haha yes... the place for the insane