Saturday, February 14, 2009

things ive bought

so ive promised to post up things that ive bought during my trip to kl... and here u go.. :D
this is my another little luxury thing that ive bought frm kl, comme des garsons leather wallet, really like it coz i can put alot of stuffs in it and the wallet is still thin without making my pant's pocket seems like popping out...

then the unmasked predator action figure (*im a huge huge fan and collector of aliens and predator)

and then is the highlight red tie frm topshop coz im so addicted to this color since i saw it in CK Collection S/S fashion show (the comparison pic as below)

Pic taken frm

then the last thing that ive bought frm the trip is the zara'a sweater+jacket, which look like its frm armani exchange (ya know, those kinda beach-feel material that it was using)

additionally i was struck with cam-whoring idea in a sudden so i picked up my cam and start doin some silly poses and then photoshoped it, makin them seem like editiorial spread on some mags lolx... (was combining softer colors to suit the spring/summer look haha!)


  1. ehwah ehwah...beli banyak barang...

  2. so u open ur predator's box d? :D

  3. henry: not really lolx i would call it 'a few' :P

    alex: i did!! and it is so much cooler when out of the box, worth the money :D

  4. Aaah, love the wallet! I have a similar, not CdG of course since I am such a poor poor student, in dark chocolate brown.

    Cute photo shoot!

  5. nooo, im poor too, just bought the wallet with cheaper price :)

  6. yeah! i love it too!! thanx stacy for dropping by :)