Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gathering of the year...

i went to kl again last friday til yesterday coz theres this friends gathering (annual thing since ive graduated frm taylor's a year ago) that i had to attend...not a chance for my throat's recovery (yeah i got sore throat since cny till now -,-") and my wallet... coz ya know its hard to resist temptation in kl coz there are alot of things to eat and buy...

so i was staying in a guesthouse, called 'anjung kl' (right at the back of the kl's infamous beef ball noodle's stall) with my friend, alex and his gf ( i know im being the HUGE light bulb but i cant do nothin coz its the only way to save money lolx).. i have to say the place is really exotic and incredible tho its small... its really clean even the shared toilets are smelling great too!! haha

on the first day we (alex, his gf and me) went to times square, pavilion, starhill, lot 10 and sungai wang and the second day to klcc, midvalley, the garden and at last sunway pyramid before heading to the gathering dinner.. the time was completely well-spent lolx (of course i could barely feel my legs on the third day).. i had my long-awaited japanese cuisine at my favourite sushi zanmai in the garden :D

it didnt end there... we head to the curve for some tea and chit-chatting session at hailuo bar coz theres live-band there singing latest chinese hits.. and they sang the songs really well

its always great to meet back all the old classmates and best buddies in college and listen to what others are doing and their stories as well as their ambitions and plannings about the future...

P/S: i'll post up the things that ive bought from the trip this time as well as the things that ive bought from the previous trip to kl... so stay tune


  1. Woohooo, reunions! True, it's always fun to see old fiends. And then laugh a bit at the other's you never really liked during school time, haha. Oh no, I'm being bitchy.

  2. no ure not being bitchy in fact its so true... we always laugh at ppl's embarassing moments and of course bad gossips bout ppl who didnt manage to make it to the gathering lol