Tuesday, February 3, 2009

climax of the trip, chapter 3

ive boarded another ship for two hours to another island (koh nangyuan) away from koh samui and then changed to smaller fishing boat to nearby island for some snorkelling fun... i managed to do some cam-whore pics as well as the beautiful landscape of the surrounding while on the fishing boat waiting to reach the destination :D
the snorkelling area is really a paradise that i felt like i was leonardo dicaprio swimming in the water in 'the beach' movie lolx... XD..whats great was that the pics taken while i was snorkelling around seemed like paparazzi shots haha!!... guess my sis can apply for being a 'professional' paparazzi in hello mag since she has the potential of becoming one of them lolx

there was this photographer followed us during our snorkelling time to take some photos underwater.. it was really amazing and so i bought the pic that was taken underwater since ive never had my pics taken underwater

then the fishing boat took us back to koh nangyuan for lunch and hang around the island

after the lunch i went for some hiking experience in the island coz according to the tour guide, theres this place called view point, which is situated on top of the hill and it has the most amazing panoramic view of the island and its surrounding and how can i miss that since i was already ther :D... i'll have to walk across the island (yes across... im not crazy) to reach the island which has view point on top of the hill....

finally ive managed to climb on top of the hill to the view point and did a cam-whore pic (i was sweating like a pig by then) there as well as a panoramic view of the surrounding

it was already evening when i reached the hotel in koh samui, had a swim at the nearby seaside and then in the swimming pool of the hotel... as the hotel is too far frm the town centre, my dad and his friends decided that we just take our dinner in the hotel that we stayed instead.. the food was nice tho

so basically thats all for my trip... its too short i would say so watch out koh samui, i'll b back!


  1. such a nice place..
    it looks like redang except there are more rocks in ur trip there.
    miss summer n beach damn lotz~

  2. it looks like redang except the rocky part of the island.
    miss beach n summer damn muchz.

  3. now only i realize..ur comment need approval one.so ba bei.haha.

  4. haha ya :D its alot like redang but its so much better... haha i promise ur comments wont b blocked :D

  5. Gosh... I need to travel again. Soon.

    Looks like you had a blast! To be honest I'm quite scared of diving. Swimming's ok but deep below... eeeh. Scary cat, haha.

  6. ohh i love diving!! anything to do with beach, sun and water :D