Monday, February 2, 2009

heading koh samui, chapter 2

after spending a nite at hatyai, i started heading off to koh samui by van for four hours and then by ferry for another two... so its gona b a long long time boarding the ferry so what should i do?.. camwhoring here and ther of course lolx!..

finally i was at koh samui!!!! excited... and the hotel that i was staying was up on the hill, called coral cove... its quite nice but the downside of it is that the hotel is too far from everything (the port and the town centre)... 70% of the hotel is made out of wood so its very 'renewable' lolx

ohh... since im a spider lover... i managed to ask my sis to capture the huge golden orb spider near the lobby area (coz her cam is better than mine and with extra zoom-in features)

in the evening i took tuk-tuk (special kind of thai cab) to the town centre, which is chaweng beach side and i was totally in love with the atmosphere ther!! coz it has long beach and the shoplots are just right along the shoreline...

and i had dinner at another smaller town.. the food was not bad coz u can always count on thai people when it comes to food :D

stay tune for more to come :D...


  1. Oh my, spiders freak me out. Hah!

  2. ohh u shouldnt be :D... spiders are men's best friend (in my perpective lolx)