Monday, February 2, 2009

trip to thailand, chapter one

before talkin bout the trip to gona post up some pics on the cny eve, which is the reunion dinner (steamboat) held at home...all family members were back, its always fun to c all family members together chit-chating bout what bothers them lately and some exciting stories from them and thats why i always love reunion dinner instead of the real cny coz i get to eat and chit-chatting :D

the whole vacation to thailand during chinese new year was like this (hometown>hatyai>koh samui>hatyai>hometown)... tho the trip was soo much fun but theres always a downside of it.. i had sore throat all the way and even til now.... and the entire trip was a painful road+ferry trip that i had to spend most of the time on either van or ferry which both had in common...yes thats it...the shakiness!!!... but im gona talk about things that i captured with my cam at my first stop, hatyai in this chapter... :D

i stayed at this hotel called mayflower in hatyai.. its newly built so everythins new and nice and it has some amazing views from the windows at my room
and the hotel's lobby is not bad as well...or should i say coz of the best view points that i managed to capture?? lolx!!! (u must b throwing up over ther coz of my self-praise haha)

and make sure u check out which channel did i watch in the nex pic....

taadah!!... its fashion tv!!... and yes.. we dont such great channel in malaysian tv... i think i should certainly write a letter to astro (the biggest paid-tv in malaysia) to request for this channel XD.. ohh and since its cny... people tend to play fireworks everywhere but ive never seen someone played at the window of the hotel (right at the opposite direction of my room)... so i thought its cool and captured the moment haha!!

i had dinner at the restaurant in the hotspot of the city centre.. it has really good crispy pork leg

after the dinner i went to watch the acrobatic acts which was used to celebrate chinese new year... whats special was that it was taking place right at the middle of the busiest crossroad in the centre of the city :D

and now im gona show u lil by lil of what i bought from kl for this trip lol!!....its....

Picture taken from

no no...its not lanvin's grosgrain suede sandals but somethin similar... :D

yes!!!... havaianas sandals.... it was soo cool right?!.... really love the design... no wonder its called the best rubber sandals...ok thats all for the first day... more pics coming soon :D


  1. Walau!!! so syok!!! Jealous la!!! ish ish ish... Haha. Happy Chinese New Year...

  2. haha!!..thanx andrew and happy chinese new year to u too!!