Monday, February 23, 2009

crayon artsy work...

just as u know i was on holiday for two months and i had nothin else to do at home besides sleeping and watching dvds that ive bought, so i came out with an idea of doing some paintings with my kindergarten's favourite drawing tools>>>crayon, by boosting my imagination and creativity while killin time (i am a wasteful person i know! lolx) check out some of my sketches below (tho they're not beautiful but they look artsy so i keep em'... except the rubbish-come-turkey origami lolx)

the third one is my dog (Ah Lai) lying on the floor sleeping lolx (i know it looks more like a horse here but who cares! lolx it brings out the ambiguity of the painting haha its just another excuse of me trying to make it sounds like im purposely doing that)

P/S: im currently in coffee bean at lcct airport kl... waitin for the flight to melb which is 3 hours later =,=

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