Tuesday, January 13, 2009

taking alex (not the lion) to penang :D

last saturday, my johore fren, alex was coming all the way up to penang from johore with the intention of meeitng up a girl that he knew frm online chat (not really paying us: carine, hyang and me a visit)... so we went for breakfast (as his bus reach very early in the morning) at the Corner Club (right beside Evergreen Hotel, along Gurney Drive)... the Chee Cheong Fan is the best!! tho all the Dim Sum are great as well...and with cheap prices....

later on we went to Gurney Plaza for a walk while waiting for singing k in Redbox.... it was so great!!! as four of us are the fan of singing k since we were in college last time and this experience kinda refreshing or lets say digging up the old memories and fun times that we used to have when we're in college times..... it all went so fast, especially the sweet and great times!! this is definately the best day since i got back frm melbourne... doin the same old thang (singing k) and being surrounded by a couple of besties in college last time


  1. wei, say till like i'm not going there to visit u lo.. =.=
    i do mean to visit u guys ok.. if not i wont be bringing the vs fashion show for u d la.. XD