Thursday, January 15, 2009

workers' dinner

before getting into the topic i would like to post up my dearest princess at home (my niece), sarah!..shes such a cutie and love to act serious or cute whenever she can...just check out the pic below and u know what im talking about :D

so now im gonna get into the main dad organized workers' dinner at Cafe Siam (dont get it wrong by the name..its a restaurant, not a cafe) this sunday (which was just over), to give a sense of appreciation and payback to the workers who work hard over the years for the company and its an annual thing so its kinda fun to see all the workers talking, have fun, and of course eating together in the dinner :D

and another pic of sarah trying to b the doll from child's play lolx...soo funnily evil....XD

and some mirror-reflection-cam-whoring-sessions with my cam-addicting sis lolx

P/S: didnt take enough clothes back so i only wear the plain-old grey sweater (british india) pairing with dark blue skinny jeans (jay jays) which is getting loose over each wash =,=


  1. Such a lovely and big family. I sometimes wish mine had more members, haha. But you get used to the loneliness, only makes you appreciate the close ones even more.