Monday, January 12, 2009

snail restaurant for a drink...

have been quite occupied lately with outings here and there and didnt really have time to update my blog here... and im gona start it off with the drinking session (beer and beer all nite) that i had with a couple of high school friends (aka old friends) in one of the local bars (snail restaurant) in my small little hometown.. was fun hanging out with old friends and re-cap the old memories that all of us had in high school (mostly gossips and embarassing moments lolx)

and u must b realized that ive changed my specs.... and i love it alot tho the pic doesnt do it fair judgement!... and i didnt bring enough clothes back to hometown so i'll have to keep up with the old clothes in my closet =.=....ohh and i was trying out some new photoshop tecniques that was inspired by 'the spirit'...enjoy the graphic art below lol... just a lil' tryout :D (might b able to inspired my later perspectives in architecture...who knows?)


  1. Great new glasses, looking sharp!

    I always overpack when I visit hometown so never shortage of clothes, haha. But then I break my back carrying everything back and forth...

  2. haha thanx.... and thats the reason i don wanna break my back carrying all that back anf forth...(and i have an excuse of buying new ones when im back to malaysia and then take them back to aussie lolx)