Wednesday, January 7, 2009

greenery is all i want at this moment

went for a visit (not actually a visit tho coz i went with the intention of catching some spiderlings to rear) to jc's place two days ago at semeling, a small town not far frm my hometown which is surrounded with paddy fields and prawn-rearing farms.... all the farming industries, so expect to see alot of greeneries and beautiful landscape

and guess what i found within the beautiful landscape.......(pic below)

a freaking dead body of water monitor...and there are a swarm of birds flying home in the sunset.... very beautiful (tho the birds looked more like a swarm of flies in the pic below)

its too beautiful in fact it looks like the landscape that u see in scotland countryside...if anyone wanted to take a budget wedding shots...they should definately go to semeling

P/S: if anyone wanted to get a nice pics here and of course with the great angles and lightings and all.... give me a ring coz i wanna earn some extra cash in being a freelance photographer :D


  1. Beautiful shots, great scenery! I can't wait for spring and summer, bored with winter now.

  2. yea in fact its summer all year-round in here lolx