Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween party at bond lounge

here are the pics that i took in the club called 'bond lounge'...lolx...actually frm outside it doesnt look like a club at all...with a plain wall and a simply ramp..nothin else..just that...thats why we (me, pei yee & esther) missed the place and walking around the entire area before finding it at last situated in the small alleyway...but the inside is totally different..very futuristic with curve walls that make u feel as if ure in a space ship...ok cut the posting up the pics below..ohh btw i got free entry as i have full dress save up another $18 lolx!

with some sexy hot devils hell's not that bad after all eh...

halilujah...the sexy nun frm hk...and the red indian girl frm shanghai :)
double jokers on the go!

lolx!...this guy's so special...he came in as a SWAT who got shot at the head

haha!..the guy in shower with shampoo as well!

pow! ass-kicking katrina as wonderwoman and jia li was a dark angel

man..this is classic... jason frm friday the 13th does come to the party..

i love this!..the giant chicken monster haha!

what ure gona do when u see a playboy bunny?..of course grab her over and take pics!

P/S: i only drank 3 shots of taquila last nite...shouldve drink more...coz its soo cheap! regretting now

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