Monday, November 3, 2008

FROZEN at flinders station!

so i finally managed to attend the long awaited (actually ive waited for a week for this cool event) FROZEN event at flinders street station...yeepi!...again u'll ask whats that..ok i'll explain...

this is a weird event which asking people from facebooks friends and strangers around melbourne to gather in flinders station at 7pm sharp to freeze themselves up (by not moving at all!) til 7.05pm and continue their own this would appear nonesense for those serious kid out there...but its soo much fun for cool people like me who love doing weird stuffs..

as u can see frm the pic..its pretty packed...and this shows the power of facebook to the society these days!...just incredible!

of course im gonna do some cam-whore shots before video-recording it!..and check out my reporting vid below...i purposely made it seems like cloverfield lolx!..and feel free to comment in youtube comment box :)

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