Wednesday, November 5, 2008

szechuan food, here i go!

so another outing today that keep me from staying at home working my ass off on my final essay thats gonna due next monday..wonder if i should cheer or sad lolx...i'll choose the first choice of course!....and as the title suggested..we were celebrating yew cien's bday at chinatown's szechuan restaurant...

so what should i do when i was waiting for the food?..of course some cam-whorring actions lolx

and take a look at carine's serious face at the pic below...such a serious kid (tell ya what.. she knew how to play congkak (tradtional malay board game) when she was five... i mean what the hell?!.. haha)

hmm... so what ure gona think when u heard of szechuan food?... the numbing spiciness and full of chilies in all food... yes! exactly... just take a look at the food that we ordered...all red, no kidding!

and finally of course im gona show u the bday girl! yew cien! haha...

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