Saturday, November 1, 2008

prequel of halloween party..

so i attended the halloween party that i always dreamt of yesterday!...and it was more fun than what i was expected....its all great! but im gona start off talking bout the prequel first...ok just a few sentences...erm so i thought i was gona b bored as hell if m attending the party alone so i dragged esther and pei yee alongwith me (hah!..i know im evil..but isnt this what halloween suppose to b?..) and esther said the hasnt have any costume to wear so we went for last minute shopping in melb the end...she still didnt buy anythin!..wasting my time ish!... but at least we went to mekong for a dinner...

then after that we went back seperately to prepare for halloween party at nite later...guess what im becoming?...a joker at last ...coz my vampire fang keeps falling down and im so frustrated bout it (it took me like 45 mins just to fix the fucked up fangs but still not working) and make sudden change of plan to bcome joker..much much easier!

me and pei yee have to wait in front of the state library for esther coz she was late and taking too much time to do the woman's stuff (aka makeup, dressing, blah blah blah)... so while waiting for her i grab some strangers on the street dressing up for halloween to take pictures with lolx

P/S: i think the black lady is hot :)

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