Wednesday, November 12, 2008

frens frm tassie..

so ive been busy again these few days.. not about my assignments but with the holidays activities that seem to fill up all my entire holiday schedule lolx... :)

my frens, h yang and bernard flew up to melb frm tassie to visit all of the taylor's gang and to shop around the city frm 11 to 13 nov... but the day when they were arriving melb was the time for history essay submission (but ive finished it on saturday lolx) and studio pin-up for exhibition... mine is exhibited along the walkway on 11th floor in my uni...

then after pinning up i went home to take a shower and later follow 'the flowers (ycien. yling and carine, ljiunn) gang' to dfo to shop and at the same time waiting for hyang and bernard to reach southern cross station...later on we (almost the entire taylor's gang in melb) went to one of the italian restaurants (sorry i cant remember the name coz its too 'italian') along lygon for dinner...

P/S : ok i bought a fedora for summer coz its too cheap and will b a sin if not buying.. only $18!!
and camera-shy dennis is very sensitive in preventing his photo being snapped lolx..
and the owner of the restaurant decided to give us a free bottle of wine as we came in huge numbers... im happy as long as its wine :)

and damn!.. hyang started showing off his iphone... so i guess tassie is not that rural after all lolx

dinner was over and the partay had just started!...all of us head off to henry's place at lygon for some drinking session and playing healthy monoply game up til the nex day which i slept at 8am =_+

and i was trying out my photo-capturing techniques to capture people in certain angles (models are carine and ljiunn)

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