Sunday, November 9, 2008

diggin' up vintage stuffs at camberwell, hawthorn and carlton hotel

yes... this is what makes me exhauted and need a time off for nap just now ;)... coz ive been to three different locations today with one purpose... hunting for vintage stuffs

it started off with camberwell... its a flea market that sells alot of vintage stuffs ... almost anything...u name it, the place has it was sooo coool and fun... im definately coming back for mare diggin action!

and i found a frog bench...its cute and significant... will buy it if im living in a space bigger than my current apartment

and when it was close to closing time... theres this stall that take out two boxes of clothes and toys and put in the middle of walkway and say its free... i just couldnt believe it!... its free... but i didnt dig em coz i dont need those and i'll just leave it tho those who need em :) (pic below)

then we head to hawthorn to check out the vintage sale in the town hall... but i didnt take pic of em coz the display stuffs are quite fugly and all lady's clothes... and its not worth that we (me, ju and ping) have to pay $2 each for entrance fee and there was nothin inside (indeed it has but for ladies)...

and then we head back to the city's carlton hotel in between bourke st and russell st to check out the last vintage fair which is called 'hello sailor vintage fair' (but theres nothin related to the title at the fair)... i totally love the carlton hotel than its vintage... will check it out nex time with frens for some drinks... coz the theme of the bar is towards safari, with the real animal sample placed throughout the interior of the pub..there are girraffe, ostrich... its so cruel and cool lolx

anyway...below are some pics taken frm the carlton hotel's corridoor and staircase area lolx ...weird i know...

and ju was trying on the lined sunglass which was funtion-less lolx...

tho today's activities were a lil hectic and exhausted but it was adventurous..yes adventurous during the process of digging stuffs haha...and ive managed to buy two stuffs... a pair of leather boots for $5 (perfect for mix and match) and a small leather suitcase for $35... soo cheap! (but i'll have to do all those disinfecting works which are uncool coz they are second hand and i have a slight obsessive compulsive disorder lolx) u cant never find this type of flea market in malaysia tho with this dirt cheap price especially...(*pics below are the stuffs that are in disinfection process)

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