Wednesday, November 12, 2008

showing tassie frens around..

so i slept til 2pm the nex day after the drinking session (no i wasnt drunk coz i was staying all nite talking and gossiping til 8am the nex bad lolx)... then i head off to find my tassie frens as they were already up and were doin some shopping at david jones... so after meeting up then i suggested to bring them to chinatown in melb... tho theres nothin there but how can u not go chinatown in foreign city when ure a chinese...

and as i predicted they were bored to death lolx..

then i left them for a free movie with frens in Hoyts cinema at melb central (why? ....coz i only need to register for member (hich is free) at the hoyts website and a free ticket is all mine :)... i was decided to watch 'how to lose friends and alienate people' at first coz im a huge fan of megan fox but they only show it on wednesday, which is the expired date of the ticket :(... so i watched 'burn after reading' instead... and the movie is freaking nice!!! love the 'nonsense' and 'pointless-ness' of sure uve never seen any movie like this!... but u'll only like it if ure into award winning and weird movie like me ...otherwise (like the normal people who chase after commercial films) u'll think its a total shit ...

then i head off to join them at crown (no im not gambling but im gona try nex time) after the movie..

and we took away the dessert from Greaco (mine was a slice of blue berry cheese cake ... ohh so yummy!) and ate beside the yarra river bank... and the nite scene of the city fro the river was stunning!

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