Wednesday, October 1, 2008

portfolio updates

see...i promised when i said im gonna post up the portfolio update 2day right after the class and i do! :)...there u go

it'll b the cover page for my portfolio telling that there are actually three elements (realize the word '3' at the back?..) that are driving me thru my entire studios works as well as using similar techniques of representation (sketching and overlaying), this is gonna b printed onto semi transparent paper overlaying on top of the original pic that i took for my previous typing machine sculpture in Communication class...

sorry its too small coz it's three square a3 size folded...what i did for update here is that i put in the final models pictures all to the far right so that it appear more organize and at the same time showed the full process of how i represent the entire process of the start of this studio to its final product (frm left to right)

this one i tried to make the size of one of the pics at the far right (now the biggest pic) bigger as it implied and signified what im trying to tell, the gigantic wall served as the focal point of the entire building as it tells the current situation of the site as clear segregation of three main ethnics (kadazandusun, chinese and bajau) occured thru the mass of the gigantic wall but thru this building, in which there are three openings goin thru this wall showed that it'll be able to break the segregation of the site while creating harmonic atmsphere at the site ;)

p/s: now all i need is to do a lil bit extra update on the protfolio and fully focus on my verbal presentation practice

p/s/s: will try to update more pics on raya bbq at lygons 2nite asap....

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