Thursday, October 2, 2008

me being a paparazzi

as what the title being a paparazzi today (dont like the word 'stalker'...too pervert) i was amazed by one of the car right in front of my apartment...guess what...not a sport car no a honda with four wheels being stolen and being scratched all around it ....vandalism i supposed....

check this out...

in case ure wondering whats the car number plate coz u wanna buy the 'lucky' number to win lottery...heres the number '578'...for the front part i would add a '4' coz four wheels been stolen...lolx

and heres the luckiest (as in manage to get mentioned in my blog) owner of the car i guess...not sure if it belongs to the lady but she was wondering around the car for like half an hour before leaving with friends with another car...breaking news reported by Ethan C. at Carlton...lolx

amazing no?...interesting thing can actually happen right in front of this dullest area of the city lolx..

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