Monday, September 1, 2008

merdeka countdown party!

it was so fun on saturday nite in Gravity Bar at Queens Street!...(just minus the bad part of 2 hours crazy waiting queue on the street...yes ON THE STREET in winter!)

so u guess why is it so fun as its just another countdown party?..let me tell u...the best part of the party is that u can celebrate it with a whole bunch of ur friends and buddies!...having fun and get crazy all nite til 4am...and not just after the non-stopping dancing session all nite the stomachs tend to burn theres no mamak stall here (omg i missed that sooo much!)...then we just had breakfast in a restaurant beside Swanston was all fun tho....

party pics after the jump....

lol...look at lj's face...she seemed like getting drunk but she didnt even have a drop of alchohol that nite.....this is what we call having fun herself....'syok sendiri'...still manage to get high without alchohol

dance till the world turn blue!

p/s: i need a hair is like all over the head

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